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Creation of a Human Resource Department (9 months)


Several entities grouped together within a foundation provide a variety of services to mentally and physically handicapped people. In the face of financial difficulties, the foundation undertook to set up a CPOM (multi-annual contract regarding objectives and resources), as required by the supervisory authorities.

At the same time, the audit conducted by MCG Managers was inciting the foundation to create a Human Resource Department.


 Intervention of MCG Manager

The mission was naturally entrusted to one of the firm’s Interim Managers. One month later, one of the entities was forced to present a Recovery Plan within the next three months. The Interim Manager – a professional with extensive Human Resource experience in the industrial sector – was thus tasked with providing managerial support for this delicate operation, on top of her initial objective.

Very quickly, she had to adapt to the specificities of the medico-social sector and quell the hostility of the personnel which didn’t understand this future Human Resource function. The Site Directors were more supportive of the project.

The Supervising Manager chosen by MCG Managers knew the foundation well, as he had conducted the audit. In a context of unprecedented upheaval and power struggles, he provided significant support to the Interim Manager.


Results obtained

In tune with her environment, the Interim Manager won the employees’ trust and convinced them that what was needed was more harmonious on-site support of the teams. Having fully grasped each person’s roles and difficulties, she was able to structure the organisation, define the positions, and build the tools and procedures to be deployed on the sites.

The Recovery Plan was very upsetting and the handling of distress became a major focus of attention. While it took some time for the Management to perceive this dimension of the Interim Manager’s intervention, it was greatly appreciated. This gave rise to significant managerial changes, implemented by the Human Resource Manager recruited at the end of the mission. His department will comprise two assistants stemming from internal services, specially trained for this highly innovative new function.

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