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Frequently Asked Questions



Why Become An Interim Manager?

The choice of Interim Management is always associated with life circumstances : by choice, opportunity or availability. This decision is always preceded by a phase of deep self-questioning : What are my skills ? What career direction should I take ? In what context should I intervene ? People become Interim Managers when there is a strong desire to put their experiences to use in delicate situations while at the same time preserving their independence in terms of power issues.

How Does Mcg Managers Find Its Candidates?

MCG Managers’ reputation since 1990 ensures a significant flow of qualified candidatures (over 150 requests per month). In addition to these spontaneous candidatures, MCG Managers has been able to form links with different professionals and medias which makes it easy to correlate profiles with the qualities sought in MCG Managers

Who is responsible for choosing the interimmanager who will intervene in my Organisation ?

Following the framing of the mission, MCG Managers approaches one of its network managers for the intervention. This manager’s profile is sent to the contractor who in principle validates his/her appropriateness for the situation. Once validated, a meeting is arranged which leads to the commencement (if successful) of the mission. One of the key factors of a successful Interim Management mission is based on the compatibility of the Manager with the culture of the company in which he/she will intervene. Therefore, the final choice of the Manager is always up to the customer.

During an interim Management mission what is the status of the Manager in relation to my Organisation ?

The Interim Manager has no legal connection with the organisation in which he/she intervenes. MCG Managers are solely under contract with MCG Managers. The only legal connection between the customer’s organisation and MCG Managers is a service contract related to the implementation of an intervention operation.

How can an interim Manager be hired during his/her mission ?

Sometimes the customer organisation wishes to integrate the Manager at the end of his/her mission. This possibility is subject to a clause in each MCG Managers service contract.

What happens in case of an incident during the mission ?

The strength of the MCG Managers organisation enables it to guarantee almost immediate replacement of an MCG Manager if necessary. Replacement of a Manager is facilitated by the supervision of each intervention by a Supervising Manager from MCG Managers who has complete knowledge of the mission and its progress status.

How is an interim management mission invoiced ?

An Interim Management mission is a provision of services. Invoicing is done on a monthly basis according to a fixed rate that includes the implementation cost of the intervention (Intervening Manager and Supervising Manager). The costs incurred by the mission are invoiced in addition in complete transparency.

How much does an interim management mission cost in concrete terms ?

Monthly invoicing of a mission (based on a full-time intervention by an MCG Managers) varies between €14,000 before tax for the management of a small to medium size team, to over €30,000 before tax for the general management of high-risk situations.

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