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Implementing a redundancy plan (12 months)


The ready-to-wear manufacturer gave its name to a well-known brand. For the past five years, it has been part of an international textile group listed on the stock exchange.

To remain competitive, it had to finalise the off-shoring of its production to North Africa and close its last French workshop dedicated to pre-series and restocking (104 people, mainly women).

The site was getting ready for its second redundancy plan. To implement the plan under better conditions than the previous one, the Group’s managers entrusted its oversight to MCG Managers.

Intervention of MCG Manager

The MCG Manager appointed by the Head of the Restructuring Project liaised directly with a dedicated Management Committee.

Embedded in the company and its networks, he analysed opposing forces, set up a risk assessment process and drew up scenarios, with the backing of lawyers and crisis communication specialists.

Results obtained

The redundancy plan quickly raised opposition from influential local politicians, thereby turning the issue into a legal battle. Having anticipated this, the MCG Manager took control of the situation without delay : the timetable of the redundancy plan was only slightly delayed and the media impact of the workshop closure on the brand image was minimised.

In parallel, the MCG Manager had to deal with a situation involving complex human relations aggravated by this "crisis within the crisis". The end-of-conflict agreement was successfully signed at the end of a ten-month mission and the budget was complied with.

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