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Managers’ Network

Executive Interim Managers’ Network

MCG Managers runs an active network of 150 Interim Managers whereby immediate availability can be ensured to confront team management issues on any scale in France and Europe.

MCG Interim Managers’ functions :

  • MCG CEO Interim Manager,
  • MCG Finance Interim Managers,
  • MCG Human Resource Interim Managers,
  • MCG Production Interim Managers,
  • MCG Supply Chain / Purchasing Interim Managers,
  • MCG Trade / Marketing Interim Managers,
  • MCG Social / Health Interim Managers,
  • MCG Executives Interim Managers.


The typical MCG Managers profile :

  • High managerial competence,
  • An established professional base,
  • A diversified and atypical career,
  • The capacity to adapt,
  • The aptitude to contribute,
  • The spirit of independence.


    Running the MCG Managers network :

    Rapidly providing an adapted managerial system is based on complete control of the availability of the MCG Managers Network Interim Managers.

    The MCG Managers Sourcing unit sees to the daily running of the Network :

    • Systematic contacts,
    • Situation progress report,
    • Career update,
    • Quarterly meetings at the head office.


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    MCG Managers’ active network of 200 Executives Interim Manager is composed with CEO Interim Managers, CFO Interim Managers, HR Interim Managers, Finance Interim Managers, Production Interim Managers and Executives Managers.
    Let’s consult the Executive Interim Manager’s Frequently asked questions to understand how interim management works.