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Opening of a site abroad (12 months)


"International expertise"

A national operator in the pharmacy and health sector wanted to set up a production site in Asia, near a booming new market.

This required finding the right person with knowledge of the local market and the capacity to implement this project rapidly. Despite widespread interest in this new set-up, the company could not rely on its own in-house managers, who had no knowledge of that part of the world.


Intervention of MCG Manager

MCG Managers offered the services of one of its Managers known for his extensive knowledge of the area and the country’s economic environment.

He also had project management experience stemming from a similar set-up. He rapidly drew up an international action plan involving the company’s managers.


Results obtained

The set-up was a success. In addition, the MCG Manager had been tasked with providing support to an in-house manager to enable him to rise to the position of Director of the newly created subsidiary. The transition was successful.

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