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Operational support to a new Management Team (12 months)


Within the scope of a company transfer by its founding manager, an LBO project was set up with a team of managers.

This project involved the appointment of the prior Trade Development Manager to the post of Managing Director. After 12 months, the Board of Directors noticed that the replacement of the SME’s founder by its second-in-command wasn’t working as planned.


Intervention of MCG Manager

Worried about the consequences of the malfunctions on company operations, but convinced that the new Managing Director had potential, the Board of Directors decided to call on an Interim Manager.

An Interim Manager was tasked with three missions alongside the new Managing Director : restoring the profitability of production facilities under impending threat, tightening the management of a company running out of control and improving the new Director’s managerial practices.


Results obtained

At the end of the 12-month mission, the company was put back on its feet and able to meet its senior debt repayment deadline without any problem. The main difficulty consisted in getting the new Managing Director to understand that he had to break away from his former patterns in order to hold a more central position in the daily running of the company.

Thanks to the Interim Manager’s actions and close support, the new Managing Director’s authority was restored, especially with his former colleagues, through the set-up and oversight of simple structural actions (e.g. Management Committee, etc.).

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